Whiskey N' Waterbeds

Your favorite drunk podcasters, Joey Fuckup and WhiskeyBrian bring you one hell of a ride on Whiskey N' Waterbeds. Part Waynes World, Jackass and crass humor, its guaranteed you will be entertained. Joey and Brian play a melting pot of garage, punk, surf, rock-a-billy and more! Podcasts with special guests? Yep, they've got those too! So tune in, grab your girl, chug a beer and get ready for Whiskey N' Waterbeds!

Joey Fuckup's Hayride To Hell

Ol' Joey is at it again... He's sippin out of that mason jar, spinning tunes and running from the law. Joey Fuckup's Hayride To Hell is exactly what it sounds like. The show is part drive-in movie, part drunk, and part hell raisin! Joey plays outlaw country, bluegrass, alt-country and all the good old stuff between. This is certainly not a show to miss!

WhiskeyBrian's Tryin' Times

WhiskeyBrian in his "tryin' times" brings you the sounds from Virginia, West Virginia, and even the nations capitol, Washington, D.C.. WhiskeyBrian plays genres ranging from soul to metal and each episode has a featured artist in association with WVRockscene. It's an awkward good time folks. Put on those sweat socks and jock straps, because it's a tryin time!